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Harbor Master

The Harbormaster is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of East Providence's harbors and navigable waters. The Harbormaster works to ensure that all Homeland Security directives, as they pertain to port security, are implemented.


The Harbor Division is comprised of a harbormaster and 4 assistant harbormasters. All candidates must meet the qualifications of the job classification and attend the Harbormaster Training Academy prior to consideration for appointment. The harbormaster reports to the chief of police. 

The harbormasters patrol the 14.4 miles of our shoreline and maintains the mooring areas, which contain approximately 300 vessels. In addition, the division operates a pumpout boat. 

The assistants provide patrol and the pumpout boat operates from Memorial Day weekend through Columbus Day weekend. The harbormaster patrols the harbor throughout the year. The application process for permits to moor is December 15 through February 28. 

The division works with the Harbor Commission on matters involving the Harbor Management Plan. The division also works with the City Council to assist in developing the waterfront. 

The patrol duties include working with the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) during calls for vessels in distress and with the USCG and East Providence Police Department during Homeland Security details. 


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