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August 2nd, 2021 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Advisory Committee meeting notice
Timothy Wallace - Level 3 Offender
Jason Elliott - Level III Offender
Peter Deloge - Leve III Sex Offender
Duane Gomes
Andrew King - Level III Sex Offender
East Providence launches survey, seeks community’s input on ARPA funds
July 28, 2021 Personnel Hearing Board Meeting Notice
Sonny Fortes - Level III Sex Offender
August 4, 2021-Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting Notice
August 4, 2021-Zoning Board of Review Meeting Notice
East Providence Recreation Dept. announces 2021 Dolly Searle golf winners
Press Release: City enters 10-year treaty with ExxonMobil ending years of tax appeals
City hires Northeast Revaluation Group; Prepares 2021 revaluation project
Community Development Block Grant 2020 Action Plan
Press Release: Governor Dan McKee, DEM, and RIDOT Announce $1.4 Million in Recreational Trail Grants
July 15, 2021 Waterfront District Commission meeting notice
EP Arts District and Tourism Legislation Article
What is a Comprehensive Plan?