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City Trees


The city of East Providence is home to thousands of trees in almost every public space. These trees improve our lives through their positive effects on the environment, human health, and the local economy. Many studies have shown that a healthy urban forest increases the quality of life for residents, attracts visitors to businesses, and improves social spaces in the community. Trees clean the air, block the wind, and support all kinds of wildlife. Their roots improve water quality by reducing stormwater runoff and soil erosion. Perhaps most important, trees cool the air in urban “heat islands” by providing shade for people in streets, parks, schools, and playgrounds. The City of East Providence values healthy trees, and is working to improve the urban forest by retaining and maintaining trees on city property. Trees that must be removed for public safety are being replaced with young trees. Approximately 147 trees were planted in 2022, and the goal for tree planting is being increased to 200 trees in 2023. In our FAQ section, we will go over the most common questions about trees in our community.


The City of East Providence has approximately 8,300 public trees growing along its streets and in parks, playgrounds, schools, and other public properties. Street trees are defined as those located within a public right-of-way generally extending 6 to 8 feet beyond the curb. Typically, street trees are located in the grass strip between the sidewalk and the curb or edge of the street. However, there are numerous streets in East Providence that do not have sidewalks. On these streets, trees located within 6 to 8 feet of the edge of the road are generally considered to be public street trees.


The Parks Division is responsible for the planting, pruning, care, maintenance, and removal of city trees. To request pruning or removal of public trees in front of your home or business, please submit a ‘Request for Service’ through the city website at our Request for Service feature or call the Parks Division at 401-435-7756.  Requests will be handled by the Parks Division which has two Rhode Island-certified arborists on staff. The City Tree Warden is responsible for reviewing tree service requests and completing an on-site assessment of the tree in order to determine whether it is a healthy tree that should be preserved or a risk to public safety that requires follow-up action. 

Pruning or removal of any street tree or public tree by a homeowner or private tree care company requires permission from city staff and an approved permit before any work is done. Fines will be assessed if city trees are damaged or removed without prior permission. Contact the Parks Division for more information and to obtain a permit application.

City ordinances pertaining to public trees.


The City of East Providence is working to plant more trees because of their positive effects on human health, community well-being, and the environment. In 2022, the city planted 147 trees. The goal for 2023 is to plant at least 200 new trees throughout the city.

If you would like a tree planted in front of your home or business, you can request a tree through two available planting programs:

Street Tree Planting Program: Request a street tree to be planted in the public right-of-way. The Parks Division will conduct a site assessment and determine the most appropriate location and species. You may submit a ‘Request for Service’ for a street tree to be planted through the city website via our Request for Service feature or call the Parks Division at 401-435-7756.

Setback Tree Planting Program: The goal of the setback tree planting program is to plant shade trees on private property where they have more room to grow and a better chance of survival while providing public benefits and increasing tree canopy. Through the program, trees are planted in the front or side yard, within 20 feet of the right-of-way. Trees are purchased and installed by the Parks Division, free of charge to homeowners. For more information about the setback planting program, including eligibility requirements, see the links below and apply here.

For all city tree plantings, tree species are selected and installed by City staff based on site conditions (i.e. amount of space, presence of overhead wires, and proximity to buildings) and availability of tree specimens at the nursery. Installation of a tree is dependent on meeting eligibility requirements, adequate site conditions, and availability of trees and funding.



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