Mayor Roberto L. DaSilva

In 2023, Mayor Bob DaSilva was sworn in as Mayor of East Providence for a second term. His re-election came after he ran a successful campaign for mayor and won in 2018 developed around a 25-year career in public service and a pledge to establish an open government. In January 2019, Mayor Roberto L. “Bob” DaSilva made history when he was sworn in as the first elected mayor of East Providence. Mayor DaSilva’s vision for the city is one in which the city is thriving with business development, is a place where people choose to live, work and raise their families, and is a destination spot for arts and entertainment.

Since taking office, Mayor DaSilva has focused on transparency. Under his administration, the city has rolled out OpenGov, an integrated platform to streamline its budget process, improve collaboration across departments and track progress. The city also rolled out a new website that is easy to navigate and rich with information including the latest news and announcements, meeting minutes and calendar events. Other milestones include working with the Waterfront Commission to bring Live Nation, a live entertainment company, to the waterfront district making it a permanent home for its waterfront concert series.

The DaSilva administration is focused on a number of initiatives including bolstering the city’s waterfront district, increasing diversity in the workplace through an aggressive public safety recruiting process and the rollout of the first Mayor’s Youth Summer Police and Fire Academy as well as working to build a new community center where the city’s youth and police can build upon police-community relations.

Mayor DaSilva led the launch of a number of boards including the city's first Council on Veteran Affairs, which seeks to do all it can to improve the lives of the veteran population in the City. He is also responsible for the creation of the first-ever Community Advisory Board, a board that serves in an advisory capacity to consult the mayor on ways to promote communication between communities within the city and the administration in order to reduce systemic racism and bigotry and to promote the values of diversity and inclusivity in the City. He also appointed a Municipal Integrity Officer, who will be a point of contact for any complaints of social injustice or systemic racism throughout the community as well as complaints about city operations. 

Mayor DaSilva was instrumental in working with the East Bay Community Action Program in rolling out the Safe Stations program – a program that makes the connection between someone struggling with addiction to recovery. The mission of East Providence Safe Stations is to address the overdose epidemic plaguing the nation.

He and city staff have also focused attention on the redevelopment of once vacant, dilapidated and underutilized buildings and properties such as the former Platt and Watters Schools, VAMCO jewelry factory and Fram building. He worked with a local entrepreneur to bring life back into the Odd Fellows' Hall, a 2.5 story, 11,853-square-foot building, and restore it back to its former glory. 

Mayor DaSilva is dedicated to finding solutions to benefit residents. From increasing the homestead exemption by 1 percent to rolling out of a new automated trash program that saved taxpayers $163,000 and eliminated rodent issues. 

Mayor DaSilva also showed dedication to public service from 2009 through 2013 when he served the residents of District 63 in East Providence and Pawtucket as their Rhode Island State Representative.

As representative, Mayor DaSilva served on the judiciary committee, labor committee, municipal government committee and the commission studying the development of ports. Born in Providence by immigrant parents, Mayor DaSilva moved to East Providence where he became enamored by the community and focused his efforts on making a difference.He did that by professionally and personally serving the community.

He served the city of Pawtucket working in the Pawtucket Police Department for more than 25 years rising through the ranks first as an officer and retiring as captain. During that time, Mayor DaSilva earned a Bachelor of Science in Administration of Justice from Roger Williams University. During his personal time he volunteered with the Portuguese/American Police Association, leading the organization as president.

Mayor DaSilva wanted to bring that same teamwork and camaraderie he experienced in law enforcement to help the youth of East Providence and founded the East Providence Youth Soccer Association.

The mayor’s dedication to East Providence continues with his volunteering and involvement in civic organizations throughout the city.

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