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EnergyWise Residential Summary
(a program of National Grid)
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The Grid

Every National Grid customer in a single family home or a multi-family building with up to four units is eligible for a no-cost, no obligation home energy assessment. The assessment takes approximately 2 hours. During the visit an energy advisor will:

  • Complete a comprehensive home energy assessment: This is an in-depth assessment of the home’s energy efficiency. The advisor will evaluate the home’s air leakage, insulation, windows, heating system, hot water system, appliances and lighting. 
  • Check for possible health and safety problems: Before making your home more energy efficient, the advisor will test to make sure your indoor air quality is safe, including testing for carbon monoxide, moisture, and mold. 
  • Install instant savings measure: Advisors will install instant energy savings measures during their visit! Measures may include new energy efficient lighting, hot water pipe installation, and low flow water devices such as faucet aerators and shower heads.
  • Give recommendations for additional energy upgrades: The homeowner receives a printout of what was done and suggestions for additional work. This personalized statement gives estimated costs for these suggested actions and the estimated savings. This list might include things like installing additional insulation, replacing a refrigerator, or tuning up your heating system. The statement also helps you find additional rebates and incentives to make the recommended work even more affordable.

Perks for recommendation include:

  • 75% instant rebate, up to $2,000, for recommended insulation and weatherization work for gas and electric heated homes. 
  • For oil customers, there is a limited-time 25% instant rebate for weatherization work up to $2,250.
  • Homeowners can receive $50 for getting rid of a second refrigerator, or upgrading their primary refrigerator to an ENERGY STAR model.
  • A 0% interest heat loan may be available for qualifying customers and upgrades.

Reduce Spending

Following up on these recommended measures will allow you to substantially reduce your energy consumption and energy spending. 

Low-income residents can receive even greater financial incentives through their local community action (CAP) agency. The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) pays 100% of the cost of weatherizing the home and improving its heating, air conditioning, and appliances. 

Renters are also eligible for a free home energy assessment. Any energy efficiency upgrades need landlord approval.

Who pays for this program? You do! There is a small charge on every user’s monthly electric bill, which goes towards funding this program. You should take advantage of this opportunity!

Click here for a no-cost energy assessment!

Small Local Businesses

Are you a small business interested in saving money & reducing your energy consumption? Review the documents below for more information.


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