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Patrol Division

The overall mission of the East Providence Police Department is to create and maintain a proactive partnership with our residential and business communities in an effort to enhance public safety and reduce the fear and incidence of crime within the City of East Providence. The East Providence Police Department's primary objective is to improve the quality of life in our City by identifying and addressing public safety and community concerns. The East Providence Police Department recognizes the importance of working with the community at large to develop programs to meet this objective and is committed to accomplishing its mission in a professional manner that promotes respect and dignity of all people.

The core competencies of the Patrol Division include:

  1. Preventative patrol in all geographical areas of the City of East Providence: In early 2015, the Patrol Division underwent a significant organizational transformation aimed at increasing the consistency of officer-citizen interaction, and a renewed focus on employee development and accountability. The end result of these changes include the long-term assignment of patrol officers and their immediate supervisors by shift and neighborhood. Our objective is for each front-line officer to develop a positive working relationship with the community in which they patrol. Although the bulk of uniformed patrols make use of marked police motor vehicles; we do frequently employ motorcycle, bicycle and foot patrols. 
  2. Engagement in active problem-solving strategies and community partnerships: We believe that the effectiveness of a full-service crime prevention strategy involves more than reacting to calls for service. We strive to be proactive and to partner with all stakeholders focused on a safe and enjoyable East Providence. 
  3.  Active enforcement of criminal and traffic laws: We recognize that our customers entrust in us to provide for their safety, security and quality of life. Members of the Patrol Division will always enforce laws fairly, professionally, respectfully and with an utmost respect for the authority granted to us by the public.

Community Policing Unit

The Community Policing Unit is a subcomponent of the Patrol Division, which specializes in fostering collaborative relationships with the city’s businesses and community organizations, as well as relationship building with vulnerable populations such as juveniles and the elderly. The unit consists of a community policing supervisor, a community relations/elderly affairs officer, and school resource officers assigned to East Providence High School, Martin Middle School, and Riverside Middle School.

Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit is a subcomponent of the Patrol Division charged with directed enforcement on the City’s roadways, followup to traffic-related complaints and investigation of serious motor vehicle accidents. The unit also provides motor escorts as needed and oversees the safety of roadway work zones and school crossing guards.

Field Training & Evaluation Program

The Field Training & Evaluation Program (FTEP) is housed within the Patrol Division with coordination through the Planning and Training Unit. The FTEP is a rigorous and results-oriented program designed to ensure an efficient and inclusive transition, for all new East Providence patrol officers, following police academy graduation. The program partners new officers with experienced patrol officers who have been identified by their supervisors as highly qualified, and have undergone a training curriculum specific to field training and evaluation. The Field Training Officer is responsible for direct supervision, training, and performance evaluation of the new officer until such time as the trainee officer successfully completes the program.

Patrol Division Directory

To contact any member of the Patrol Division, enter the officer's last name in the department directory located on the right hand side of the page.


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