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Special Investigations Unit

The overall mission of the East Providence Police Department is to create and maintain a proactive partnership with our residential and business communities in an effort to enhance public safety and reduce the fear and incidence of crime within the City of East Providence. The East Providence Police Department's primary objective is to improve the quality of life in our City by identifying and addressing public safety and community concerns. The East Providence Police Department recognizes the importance of working with the community at large to develop programs to meet this objective and is committed to accomplishing its mission in a professional manner that promotes respect and dignity of all people.


The Special Investigations Unit consists of Officers and is led by the SIU Sergeant.

The primary function of the Special Investigations Unit is to investigate crimes to include but not limited to: Narcotics Distribution and Trafficking, Prostitution, Illegal Gambling and Gaming, Organized Crime, and Illegal Weapon sales.

Some of the other agencies the SIU works with and collaborates with are: DEA, FBI, ATF, RIDOC, US Immigration, as well as many RI Police Departments and MA Police Departments.

Some of the tasks and responsibilities that fall within the Special Investigations Unit include:

· Surveillance of potential illegal activity

· Interview of suspects and witnesses

· Cultivating information through confidential informants

· Conduct, manage, and supervise control purchases

· Investigate tips of illegal activity such as narcotic transactions and firearm purchases

· Coordinate and assist other agencies in multijurisdictional cases

· Communicate with the Attorney General’s Office as well as other State and Federal Agencies.

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