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Operations Division


The overall mission of the East Providence Police Operations Division is to provide the men and women of the police department with the resources needed to maintain a proactive partnership with our residential and business communities in an effort to enhance public safety and reduce the fear and incidence of crime within the City of East Providence. The police department's primary objective is to improve the quality of life in our City by identifying and addressing public safety and community concerns. The police department recognizes the importance of working with the community at large to develop programs to meet this objective and is committed to accomplishing its mission in a professional manner that promotes respect and dignity of all people.


The Operations Division consists of the Planning and Training Unit, Fleet Management, Grant Management and Accreditation. The Captain works closly with the Planning and Training Unit to prepare the agency for the future and train new officers as well as current officers. 

The primary function of the Operations Division is to provide men and women of the East Providence Police Department with the tools and resources needed to provide safe and efficient police service to the citizens of East Providence.

Some of the tasks and responsibilities that fall within the Operations Division include:

  • Preparing and reviewing policies for accreditation
  • recruiting and training new police officers
  • applying for and managing grants.

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