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City Clerk

The mission of the City Clerk's Office is the timely, efficient, accurate  and courteous processing, according to federal, state and local laws, of public information and records past and present including vital statistics, business licenses/permits, and dog licenses.

This office also houses Probate Court and Municipal Court for the City of East Providence. 


Office Functions:

The City Clerk's Office is responsible for providing a number of services to the public and consists of a number of divisions including: City Council Records, Land Evidence Records, Registry of Vital Statistics, Licenses/Permits, Probate Court and Municipal Court

City Council Records

  • Prepare Agendas and Minutes for City Council Meetings 
  • Document all transactions of the City Council 

Land Evidence Records:

  • Provide certified copies of land records (mortgages, liens)
  • Record all land records, maps and transactions

Vital Records:

  • Issue and record marriage licenses
  • Register and issue certified records associated with births, deaths, and marriages 

Business Licenses:

  • Accept, review and schedule for City Council approval applications for new and renewal of various business licenses in accordance with state law and city ordinances 

Probate Court: 

  • Accept, review, and schedule for hearing all petitions filed in association with the administration of an estate or appointment of a guardian of residents of the City of East Providence 

Municipal Court:

  • Provide service to maintain the daily operations of the Municipal Court. Housing, City Ordinance, Animal and Traffic violations along with Boating are some of the types of cases heard in Municipal Court.

Boards and Commission Records:

  • Accept applications for open boards, commissions, or committee positions


  • Notary services
  • Preservation of records/archives
  • Garage/Yard Sale Permits 
  • Events and Entertainment Permits
  • Trade Name Registration 
  • Dog Licenses (new and renewal)



Anyone who wishes to purchase City of East Providence Code of Ordinances or the Zoning Chapter reprints may do so directly through Municipal Code Corporation at its website, Once on the website, please select "purchase codes." Or you may contact Municipal Code Corp. directly at (850) 576-3171.