Business Registration Renewal Information


Information on Renewing a Business License 

Please note:

1. The Business License Renewal form is for established and previously licensed business (without interruption over more than one year) in the City.  

2. In order to renew your business with the City, you will need to ensure the following:

  •  Tangible taxes are paid and up to date;
  •  If your business requires any licenses through the state, they are complete and approved;
  •  The Business License Renewal Form is completed and license fee is paid, (checks payable to: City of East Providence).

3. The City of East Providence business license year runs from December 1 until November 30 the following year.

4. If you have any other annual permits, these are due in conjunction with the annual business renewals this includes:

  • Entertainment/Dance Permits
  • Holiday Sales Permits 

Business Registration Renewal Application