PRESS RELEASE: City orders long-time vacant, derelict building demolished

June 2, 2020

Office of the Mayor
Patricia Resende
(401) 529-3207
Note to Editors: Please see attached photos of Fram building

City orders long-time vacant, derelict building demolished

EAST PROVIDENCE, RI – After decades of deterioration and neglect, the City has ordered the demolition of the old Fram building located at 105 Pawtucket Ave in East Providence.
Mayor Bob DaSilva asked the city’s building official to inspect the building and take immediate action to make it safe which had become a public safety hazard.
After an investigation by Robert Walker, the city’s building official, the Fram building was officially declared a hazardous and unsafe structure. Over the course of several years, there were 19 different violations including violations of sanitation (trash, debris, boats and old mattresses on the property).
Demolition of the old two-story, 45,000-square-foot building, which sits on six acres and has been abandoned for more than 20 years, will begin this week.
The City recently discovered that transients were staying in the building and putting themselves at serious risk of injury and/or death.
“After decades of neglect and deterioration, I needed to take immediate action and asked our building official to investigate and ultimately remove the structure, which has become a public nuisance in our community and blight on its neighborhood,” Mayor DaSilva said.
The site was secured by a temporary fence and AA Wrecking & Asbestos Abatement Co. Inc. and will begin asbestos abatement and demolition.