Press Release: Mayor appoints members to new Community Advisory Board

August 13, 2020

Office of the Mayor
Patricia Resende
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Mayor appoints members to new Community Advisory Board
EAST PROVIDENCE, RI – Several East Providence residents were appointed and officially sworn in as board members of the newly-formed Mayor’s Community Advisory Board.
The board, which was created by Mayor Bob DaSilva in an effort to bring varying racial and ethnic backgrounds with differing views together, held its first meeting on Wednesday, August 12, 2020.
The board, overseen by Municipal Integrity Officer Elmer Pina, was created to promote communication between communities within the city and the administration, to reduce systemic racism and bigotry and to promote the values of diversity and inclusivity within East Providence.
“It is time for change in East Providence and I know this group of diverse and talented individuals will work tirelessly to implement necessary change to our city as it relates to inclusion.
The board, which meets on a monthly basis, consists of 17 East Providence residents from a diverse background within the community including:
• Christine Alves
• Rachel Braga
• Pamelia Byrd
• Keith Cabral
• Tatiana DosSantos
• Maryann Fonseca
• Elizabeth Fox
• Rodrigo Pimentel
• Christopher Francesconi
• Cendhi Arias Henry
• Marlon Henry
• Noele Hosley
• Patrick Kelly
• Krista Moravec
• Michelle Nuey
• David Rangel
• Onna Moniz - John

Executive Order 2020-031
June 2, 2020

Mayor’s Community Advisory Board

WHEREAS, on May 25, 2020, George Perry Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer in a wanton act of violence, which has shaken our nation to its core; and

WHEREAS, this is only one of many tragic events in recent history where systemic racism has contributed to gross injustice by law enforcement; and 

WHEREAS, the City of East Providence wishes to reaffirm the commitment of its administration, including its public safety officers and officials, to the service of its residents; and

WHEREAS, in order to reaffirm this commitment, the administration wishes to bring together groups of varying racial and ethnic backgrounds that may have differing views in order to promote inclusivity for the betterment of the entire city.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Mayor Roberto L. DaSilva, by virtue of the authority vested in me as the Mayor of the City of East Providence, pursuant to the Home Rule Charter of the City of East Providence and Chapter 2 Article III Sec. 2-41 of the Revised Code of Ordinances of the City of East Providence, do hereby order and direct the following: 

Section 1: Establishment and Composition of Mayor’s Community Advisory Board:

1. There is hereby established a Mayor’s Community Advisory Board in the City of East Providence, herein after referred to as the Board.
2. The Board shall consist of 15 residents of the City of East Providence who reflect the diversity of the various communities within the city, and shall meet on a monthly basis.
3. Each member of the Board shall serve for a term of one (1) year, but shall remain on the Board until a successor is appointed.

Section 2: Duties of Mayor’s Community Advisory Board:

1. The Board shall serve in an advisory capacity to consult the Mayor and other members of the administration, pursuant to Sec. 2-41 of the Revised Code of Ordinances, on ways.
2. The Board is empowered to work with and through the office of the Mayor and Municipal Integrity Officer in order to accomplish any work deemed necessary.

This Order shall take effect on June 2, 2020 and remain in full force and effect for the remainder of my term. So Ordered:

Roberto L. DaSilva