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Water Utilities Division


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The mission of the East Providence Water Utilities division is to provide its customers with the highest quality drinking water at the flow and pressure necessary to protect public health and welfare and support economic development within the city of East Providence.




The critical functions of the division include the following:

  • Maintaining adequate flow, pressure, and water quality within the water distribution system of the city of East Providence.
  • Operating essential water distribution system infrastructure including but not limited to storage facilities, booster pump stations, large diameter transmission lines and water quality tools. 
  • Servicing fire hydrant infrastructure. 
  • Reading and servicing water meter devices.
  • Providing billing and customer service administration and support.
  • Providing and/or managing emergency water system repairs. 
  • Monitoring interconnections to other water distribution systems.
  • Working with citizens and developers to evaluate new water service plans.
  • Planning water works improvements.