East Providence Water Utilities Division City Council Workshop - February 2021


On February 22, 2021 a City Council Workshop was held to discuss critical water infrastructure projects, future supply, and capital funding. The workshop included three presentations which are described/attached below including next steps. 


  • East Providence Water System Existing and Future Supply (Presented by CDM Smith)
    • ​Includes a detailed dive into the City's main source of water, vulnerabilties, and necessary baseline inspection of the City's main  water supply line. 
    • Explains the approach to executing a pipeline inspection including the use of "on-line" inspection technologies.
    • Also includes discussion into some of the City's limited emergency water supply options.
  • Bristol County Water Authority Pawtucket Pipeline Phase II (Presented by BETA)
    • Bristol County Water Authority's proposed project to extend a water supply line to Pawtucket. The authority is seeking East Providence as a partener to provide redudancy for both water systems. 
    • Highlights four proposed alternatives that were evaluated for construction feasbility.
    • Planning level costs have been developed, but engineering and a water blending study are required to have a better understanding of project costs. 
  • Water Rate Study Presentation - FY 2021 (Presented by Raftelis)
    • Explanation of the FY 2021 East Providence Water Rate Study including a discussion into Water Uitilities Division revenues, financial policies, and expenses. 
    • Presents the Capital Improvment Plan (including some funding for work included in Bullets Nos. 1 and 2).
    • Demonstrates "the value of water" in East Providence.
    • Summarizes proposed rates, necessity, and impacts.  
    • A copy of the full study report is included in the File/Documents