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Assessment Division

For taxpayment questions please contact the Tax Collection Division

The mission of the East Providence Assessment Division is to prepare the annual assessment roll (the official record of taxable and exempt property within the City of East Providence) in accordance with Rhode Island general law pertaining to chapter 44- Taxation.  While also providing the best possible service to our residents. 

The Assessment Division, under the finance department, plays a vital role in generating the City's annual property tax bills. 

The Assessor’s overall departmental goal is to discover, list, and assess the different types of property throughout the City while being familiar with state law and local ordinance to accurately apply fair and equitable assessments utilizing mass appraisal techniques.

This division is also responsible for reviewing and granting property tax exemptions. Please review our exemption section to ensure you are taking advantage of any and all benefits you are entitled to on your annual property tax bill.

The Assessor's office is also where you will file a property tax appeal if you feel that the assessment of your property is not fair and equitable as of the last revaluation date or if you believe there is an error in the data used to generate your property tax bill. 

The City is currently in the process of conducting its 2021 statistical revaluation, in collaboration with Northeast Revaluation Group. The new assessed values will be effective as of 12/31/2021 and reflected on the 2022 annual property tax bills. New assessment hearing notices will be mailed to each taxpayer in February of 2022. To view online property data please visit Northeast Revaluation Group ( ( is no longer updated with the recent data changes).  Please note: Ownership and address information is still being updated daily. However, Due to the revaluation being in progress some property data will only be updated on a limited basis until the revaluation is completed in the spring of 2022. If you have any questions please contact the Assessor's Office.