Property Tax Appeal Information

Is your property assessment not accurate or fair:

Every three years and per RIGL 44-5-11.6. Assessment of valuations, the City of East Providence must reassess all property throughout the City. During this time, all property values are brought in line with market values and made fair and equitable across the City.

The City of East Providence's last revaluation was December 21, 2022. If you feel that your property value is not in line with the market as of that date, or your assessment is not in line with your neighbors or other comparable properties, then you may file an appeal.

Did you file an account per RIGL 44-5-15 and you feel your assessment is not accurate:

Please see the appeal form for more information regarding  the appeal process and filing instructions, per RIGL 44-5-26

Deadline to appeal is 90 days from your first due date ( usually July 1, could vary by a few days). The deadline cannot be extended or waived by the Assessor for any reason. If your application is not filed on time, you lose all rights to an abatement and the Assessor by law cannot grant you one.  Once your form is  completed, please return it to our office, by dropping it off at City Hall or sending it electronically.  Please do not forget to include any and all documentation you wish to submit to back up your appeal.

If you have any questions please call the Assessor's Office.