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Tax Appeals

The responsibility of the Tax Assessor's office is  to make sure we discover, list and assess property accurately, fairly citywide and in accordance with state law, as of 12/31, for the subsequent tax bill. If you feel that there is a mistake in the assessment placed on any of your different property types, real estate, tangible or motor vehicle, per state law you may appeal to the Tax Assessor's Office.

Please see the different appeal processes below.: 

  • Property Tax Appeal- Is your assessment on your real estate or tangible bill incorrect? This appeal can be used for Real Estate and Tangible Personal Property in accordance with 44-5-26
  • Vehicle Value Commision Appeal- Is the value of your vehicle not uniform with similar vehicles? This appeal is in accordance with RIGL 44-34-8, uniform value set by the Vehicle Value Commission.
  • Motor Vehicle Appeal- Was your vehicle taxed too many days, should be exempt or is there a problem with your excise (motor vehicle) bill that is not value related?

Please click on the link below for more instruction on the appeal process. All of the appeal forms can be dopped off, mailed in or sent electronically to the Assessor's Office

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