East Providence Fire promotes 16 members, recognizes 18


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East Providence Fire Department promotes 16 members, recognizes 18

EAST PROVIDENCE, RI – The City of East Providence Fire Department recognized 18 members of the fire service with various awards including the Silver Lifesaving award and promoted 16 members during a ceremony held on Wednesday, April 7.

“To members receiving awards tonight, your shift started like any other shift, truck checks, equipment checks, radio checks and the call came in, the crew responded and you rolled out,” Chief Glenn Quick said to the recipients of the various awards including the Firefighter Cross award, the Bravery Metal and Silver Lifesaving award.  

“Someone needed help. It was their worst day, but you rose to the occasion and adapted to a very stressful situation as a team and provided the necessary life-saving efforts in a calm way,” Quick said. “That’s what we do in the EPFD no matter what the emergency.”

Firefighter Thomas Votta showed leadership during a Feb. 10, 2021 event. If not for his actions, there would have been a different outcome. He was awarded the Silver Lifesaving metal – it was the first time it was delivered in the department.

The following members of the East Providence Fire Dept. received awards:

Barrington Mutual Aid Fire: During a mutual aid call at a structure fire in Barrington, Lt. Richard MacDonald was notified of a missing and possibly downed Seekonk firefighter (who was also providing mutual aid). Chief Quick ordered Engine 2, Engine 1 and Ladder 1 to assist in locating and removing the missing firefighter. While extinguishing heavy fire, Firefighter Jamie Silva became aware that the Seekonk firefighter was in the same room where they were operating. With Firefighter Conrad Weeden operating a hand line, Firefighter Silva traversed a partial collapse in the floor to release the firefighter. Firefighter Silva oriented the downed firefighter and assisted to remove him out of the floor in the hole where he had become trapped. With assistance from the entire crew of Engine 1, they were able to bring the firefighter back to safety.  

For these actions they were awarded the following:

Firefighter Cross – Firefighter Jamie Silva, Engine Co. 2

Firefighter Commendation – Chief Glenn Quick

Firefighter Unit Commendations –

Lt. Richard MacDonald

Firefighter Conrad Weeden

Capt. Theodore Hopkins

Firefighter Michael Laramee

Firefighter Nicholas Vinacco

Lt. Scott Harris

Firefighter Nathan Winsor

Unit Citations –

Engine Co. 1, Engine Co. 2, Ladder Co. 1

Seekonk River Water Rescue: Operating at a Box Alarm, Capt. William Baily was prepared to call a Code Yellow for himself when he heard a woman screaming for help. Upon being face to face with the woman Capt. Baily was informed that a vessel that she had been riding on with two others had sunk beneath them. Two of the three occupants made it to shore leaving one victim still in the water unable to reach the shore. Marine 3 was dispatched to the upper Seekonk River. The woman was in grave distress. Lt. Dutra and Firefighter Luchka witnessed the woman disappear under the water and then resurface. A life ring was thrown to her, but she was unable to grasp it. With her head slipping below the water yet again, both Lt. Dutra and Firefighter Luchka dove into the water to rescue the woman. The rescue was successful and the woman was transported to the hospital where she made a full recovery. They showed initiative, perseverance and dedication to duty.

For these actions they were awarded the following:

Bravery Metal – Lt. Justin Dutra

Bravery Metal – Lt. Jarad Luchka

Fire Unit Commendations –

Firefighter Wade Baker

Firefighter Ricky Tiburcio

Unite Citation – Marine 3

Custom Drywall Medical: Crews arrived to find an unconscious, pulseless male. While executing the pre-hospital protocol for cardiac arrest, the crew of Engine 5 delivered compressions, passive airway assistance, began IV therapy, administered epinephrine and delivered multiple defibrillations which were all without positive outcome. Upon the arrival of Rescue 4, it was suggested by Firefighter Thomas Votta that a double sequential defibrillation be attempted. The result was a return to spontaneous circulation and a consistent perfusion sinus rhythm. The patient was admitted to Rhode Island Hospital where he made full recovery. According to personnel on scene, Firefighter Votta was in total control and without his actions the outcome would have been entirely different.

For these actions they were awarded the following:

Silver Lifesaving – Firefighter Thomas Votta

Firefighter Unit Commendations –

Lt. Jonathan Harris,

Firefighter Sharon Corriveau

Firefighter Rick Tiburcio

Firefighter Kevin Kabrick

Unite Citations:

Engine Co. 5

Rescue Co. 4

Family, friends and East Providence Fire Department staff looked on as three new battalion chiefs, four captains, seven lieutenants and two rescue lieutenants took the fire department oath and were officially sworn into their new rank by Mayor Bob DaSilva.

“I believe being a first responder and providing public service is one of the noblest professions,” Mayor DaSilva told those being promoted. “Yes, it’s one of the most dangerous jobs where you could be injured or your life taken – not many people can do what you all do.

“Personally, I am proud of you. I commend you. And I thank you,” he added.

The following members of the East Providence Fire Dept. were promoted:

Frederick C. MacDonald – Battalion Chief

Julian J. Bayuk – Battalion Chief

Joseph S. Crowshaw – Battalion Chief  

William S. Bailey III – Captain

Brian P. Poland – Captain

Robert F. Pry Jr.— Captain

Roderick E. Davol Jr. – Captain

Howard R. Daigle –Lieutenant  

Michael A. Nasso  – Lieutenant

Thomas A. Pereira –Lieutenant

Michael R. Charbonneau – Lieutenant

George M. Carvalho – Lieutenant

Diego Cardona  – Lieutenant

Jarad P. Luchka – Lieutenant

Jason A. Alves – Rescue Lieutenant

Kevin P. Noonan – Rescue Lieutenant

“You’ve taken on new roles and responsibilities as supervisors, challenge yourself and your crew to always be better,” Quick told the newly promoted members.