Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity

The Affirmative Action Officer is responsible for dealing with allegations of Civil Rights violations and accepts and investigates all allegations of unlawful employment discrimination and harassment based on race, gender, age (over-40), color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.

Once a complaint is filed, the matter is investigated. Upon the determination of reasonable cause to believe that the unlawful discrimination or harassment has occurred, the department administrator or supervisor concerned will be notified of the allegation(s). If it is the department administrator or supervisor who is alleged to have committed a prohibited act, the AAO / EEO Officer will confer with and refer the matter to the City Manager for appropriate action. Upon completion of the investigation, the AAO / EEO Officer will make a determination of findings and provide recommendations for corrective action.

The AAO/ EEO Officer is significantly involved in the Police and Fire Department recruitment process. This includes participation in interviews, meeting with the recruiting departments, reviewing applications and recruitment materials, and assisting in the preparation of advertisements.

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