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Refuse & Recycling Division

The Refuse/Recycling Division is responsible for the oversight of all residential rubbish, recycling, yard debris, and appliance collection programs. It's the mission of Refuse/Recycling Division to reduce the amount of waste and reliance on landfills through waste reduction, recycling and reuse programs. It is a division of the Dept. of Public Works

To accomplish the mission, the division manages the Forbes Street compost site, the automotive motor oil and antifreeze collection program and  also responsible for the oversight of rubbish and recycling collection contracts for all School Department facilities.  This division organizes and oversees litter prevention and collection programs including Earth Day events in the spring and the Shoreline Cleanup in the fall. Upon request, the division provides components for education curriculum, classroom presentations and field trips. 


5 Things You Need to Know About Recycling Right in East Providence:

1. No recylcing bins = No trash collection 

2. If your recycling cart is not at the curb on recycling weeks rubbish will not be collected.

3. Leave recycling bins at the curb until trash has been collected.

4. Recycling saves tax dollars, but IMPROPER RECYCLING WILL COST YOU!  Please do your part.

5. Plastic bags and other non-recyclable items found in your bin will cost you a fine - $50


Improper recycling results in rejected loads which ultimately cost the city and taxpayers thousands of dollars each year. 

Rejected Loads and Cost of Rejected Loads by Year
Year #Loads Equipment Fee Cost  Rejected Tons Landfill Cost  Total
2020 55 X $250 $13,750.00 342x47.00 $16,074.00 $29,824.00
2019 32 X $250 $8,000.00 194X47.00 $9,118.00 $17,118.00
2018 7X$250 $1,750.00 40X47.00 $1,880.00 $3,630,00
2017 3X$250 $750.00 21X47.00 $987.00 $1,737.00
2016 0 $0 0 $0.0 0
2015 0 $0 0 $0.0 0


Let’s Recycle Right!  What to place and NOT place in your bin!