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Plan Update Process

Comprehensive Plans work best when they are written with the community. We want to reach everyone in East Providence and we will be inclusive in our efforts through the update process. The City will provide ample opportunities for community input that will be in-line with public healthy and safety in mind.

All forms of outreach will be used, including:

  • Public meetings and workshops (virtual and if possible, in person)
  • Small meetings with local stakeholders and community groups (virtual and if possible, in person)
  • Online surveys and virtual open houses
  • Participation in local events
  • Townie Conversations (small group discussions)

The overall effort for this plan update will by guided by the Department of Planning and Economic Development with input from all City departments, boards, and committees. The Planning Board approves the the Comprehensive Plan and the City council adopts it.

Project Timeline

  • Winter 2020 - Spring 2021: Community outreach with an online survey and public workshops, asking What are community needs today and in the future? What is your future vision for East Providence?
  • Spring - Summer 2021: Drafting the plan and ongoing check-ins with the community to test ideas and collect feedback
  • Fall 2021: City-wide Public Event: public review of draft material, asking Did we get it right? What’s missing? Where are improvements need?
  • Winter 2021: Plan approval and adoption

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