April 3, 2024 - Zoning Board of Review Meeting & Agenda





Date:                           Wednesday, 3 April 2024

Starting Time:           6:00 PM

Location:                    City Council Chambers



I.          Opening Statement by Chairman


Swearing in of the Zoning Officer: Edward Pimentel



II.         Seating of Alternate Member(s)



III.        Approval of Zoning Board Minutes


6 March 2024



IV.        Zoning Officer’s Report



V.         Correspondence / Discussions



VI.        Staff Reports


A. Planning Department Staff Report – Previously Submitted


B. Zoning Complaint List – March 2024 - Previously Submitted


VII.       Docket Item Organization



VIII.      Continued Business


1. SAFE HARBOR PROPERTIES, LLC, seeks permission to retain a residential facility that houses 13 unrelated individuals, all of whom are dealing with the disease of alcoholism and addiction using the Social Model of Recovery, for property located at 48 LINCOLN AVENUE, being MAP 312, BLOCK 14, PARCEL 2, in a RESIDENTIAL 6 DISTRICT.   (Dimensional Variance - Petition No. 6973)


[Continued from 21 February 2024.  Testimony taken.  Quorum consisted of Eugene Saveory, John Braga, Richard Croke, Matthew Robinson, and Jonathan Jacobs]





IX.        New Business


1. KENNETH S. and MELANIE J. TWITCHELL, seek permission to retain improvements associated with the construction of a single-family residence, resulting in failing to comply with both minimum side-yard setback requirements, in addition to exceeding the maximum building coverage requirement, for property located at 210 RIVERSIDE DRIVE, being MAP 414, BLOCK 20, PARCEL 2, in a RESIDENTIAL 3 DISTRICT.   (Dimensional Variance(s) - Petition No. 6978)


2. WAYNE A. FORTIN, seeks permission to both expand the third-floor of a two-unit residence, in addition to constructing a new detached accessory garage, resulting in an excessive number of stories and failing to comply with respective front-yard setbacks in regard to the two-unit residence, as well as failing to comply with the front-yard setback, accessory side-yard setback, and proposed alignment forward of the principal single-family residence in regard to the detached accessory garage, for property located at 160 WORCESTER AVENUE, being MAP 413, BLOCK 4, PARCEL 7, in a RESIDENTIAL 4 DISTRICT.   (Dimensional Variance(s) - Petition No. 6979)



X.         Procedures


Discussion on Motion Forms.


Discussion on the Zoning Application Instructional Package.


Discussion on Rules and Procedures.



XI.        Announcements


A.  The next regular meeting of the Zoning Board of Review is scheduled for Wednesday, 1 May 2024, at 6:00 PM, in the City of East Providence Council Chambers, City Hall, and East Providence, RI.



XII.       Adjournment






APPLICATION/DOCUMENTS:  As part of the above detailed petitions, the applicants have submitted materials which are public record.  If you would like to receive a copy of the materials submitted to view before the hearing, please contacting the Zoning Office at (401) 435-7722, Ext. 1. 







You can also directly access all petition materials by following the below instructions:


In the web browser, type ‘www.eastprovidenceri.gov’.  Next, select the category entitled ‘Public Notices’.  Next, in the ‘Filter Bar’ located under the heading ‘Filter by Board, Commission or Committee’ scroll down to ‘Zoning Board of Review’ and select the adjacent button entitled ‘Apply’.  Next, select the hearing date (which should be the first available), and the entire agenda will then be presented.  Scroll down to the bottom of the agenda, and you will have access to all petition files in PDF form. 





If you desire to submit documents, expert opinions, or other like material either in favor of or in opposition to the applications, you can do so by email to epimentel@eastprovidenceri.gov, or by regular mail by mailing to Ed Pimentel, Zoning Officer, 145 Taunton Avenue, East Providence, RI 02914 by 29 March 2024.


Please note that the referenced Zoning Board of Review Agenda is posted on the City of East Providence Website, in addition to being Posted in both the City of East Providence City Hall and Weaver Library.


Location Details

Being Held City Council Chambers
City Hall, Council Chambers
145 Taunton Avenue
East Providence, RI 02914-____