Mayor meets with senior community to discuss landscape improvements

March 8, 2022

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Mayor meets with senior community to discuss landscape improvements

EAST PROVIDENCE, RI – The Robert Rock Senior Center Advisory Group recently held a meeting to discuss proposed renovations to the Center’s landscape, which will be paid with federal funds secured by the City of East Providence.

Mayor Roberto DaSilva and Community Development Coordinator David Bachrach, shared the City’s proposals for the landscape project.  

Elements of the proposed project include a gazebo, flowers and plants, trees and a shed roof for increased shading, a rain garden and a pickleball court. The court can also be used for additional activities such as yoga and meditative therapy. The rain garden will help collect rainfall-runoff and be a home for plants and pollinators. Residents and visitors can sit in different pockets in the rain garden and enjoy nature and privacy. Plants and birdfeeders will also be sprinkled throughout the grounds.  

The project incorporates accessibility and safety elements on the grounds, like wheelchair ramps and a lighting system, so that all members of East Providence can utilize the facility. Concrete walkways will be included for a safe walking environment and a formalized pathway from Pawtucket Avenue will be created. A bag and waste station will also be added for those who walk their pets on the grounds. This project will shield traffic and allow for more privacy, however, the shielding will still allow for the trees to be visible during the annual Christmas tree event. 

The meeting was collaborative, as members of the Advisory Group provided input on how to enhance the Senior Center. Suggestions included adding a stop sign in the parking lot to increase safety measures and adding a sound system. A sound system projecting nature sounds would help buffer the noise from traffic and would play holiday music during WinterFest. This would be highly beneficial during meditative therapy.  

The only impact to the Senior Center during the improvement project will be to the grounds which will be closed off to the public. The parking lot and entrance will remain open during while improvements are being made. It is the Administration’s intent to break ground and complete the project this year.

This project will result in a multicenter campus hosting an assortment of programs, including afterschool initiatives that involve the youth and seniors.