East Providence prepares to roll out public safety camera program



May 7, 2021          


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East Providence prepares to roll out public safety camera program 


EAST PROVIDENCE, RI – The City of East Providence has announced that its Public Safety traffic camera program will begin in the coming weeks. 

"Each year, too many families are impacted by crashes caused by people speeding or drivers failing to stop at red lights and speed was likely a factor in more than 45 percent of all traffic fatalities in Rhode Island,” East Providence Police Chief William Nebus said. “Improving traffic safety is one of the strategic goals of the East Providence Police Dept.”

“After receiving consistent resident concerns about speeding on our city streets, we will be installing a traffic enforcement system in East Providence,” Nebus added. “A speed enforcement program is an effective one at deterring speeding, reducing crashes, and ultimately saving lives.”

More than 500 cities in the United States have some form of public safety traffic camera program including red light, school speed or a combination of both. The program will commence with a 30-day warning period. Motorists will receive a notice in the mail instead of a violation with the goal of changing driver behavior before a violation. 


As part of the program, Sensys Gatso, the contractor, will cover the costs associated with the equipment, camera installation and signage. The East Providence Police Department will retain all powers and will be responsible for determining whether to issue a violation. Motorists will also retain all rights of appeal through the judicial process. Sensys Gatso’s role is to gather data and send it to the East Providence Police Dept. for review. The cameras will be pole-mounted. 




• Pawtucket Avenue & Warren Avenue

• Pawtucket Avenue & Taunton Avenue

• Broadway & Warren Avenue

• Pawtucket Avenue & Veterans Memorial Parkway 

• Newport Avenue & Ferris Avenue

• Wampanoag Trail & Mink Street

• N Broadway & Roger Williams Avenue

• Highland Avenue & Catamore Blvd. 

• Taunton Avenue & Purchase Street

• Broadway & Grosvenor Avenue


• St. Mary's Academy Bay View School (3070 Pawtucket Ave.)

• Kent Heights School (2680 Pawtucket Ave.)

• Riverside Middle School (179 Forbes St.)

• St. Margaret School (42 Bishop Ave.)

• East Providence High School (2000 Pawtucket Ave.)

The fine for running through a red light intersection is $85. The fine for speeding in a School Safety Zone is $50.