East Providence Library removes fines of overdue library materials



January 7, 2022


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East Providence Library removes fines of overdue library materials


EAST PROVIDENCE, RI –The City of East Providence, together with the East Providence Public Library Board of Trustees, has announced that the East Providence Public Library will no longer be charging fines on overdue library materials.

The elimination of overdue fines will be effective, January 7, 2022.

In June of 2021, the library stopped collecting fines on juvenile and young adult materials. This change was well received and the library did not see a decrease in children’s materials being returned in a timely manner. The elimination of overdue fines is now being extended to all materials, including adult books, audiobooks, magazines, and DVDs.

Over the years, libraries have learned that late fines are ineffective and that they discourage or stop people from using the library. Eliminating fines ensures that everyone in the community has equal access to library books, materials, and services.

“I am so proud that East Providence is joining over 37 other communities in Rhode Island and thousands of municipalities throughout the nation to remove this barrier to library usage,” East Providence Mayor Bob DaSilva said. “Often it is the people who need the library most who stay away because of fines.

“Our library’s mission is to encourage a love of reading and learning in everyone,” Library Director Joyce May said. “There’s nothing we love more than to see people borrowing our materials and we strive to see even more of it in 2022.”

Patrons are encouraged to return materials on time. Lost or damaged items will still incur replacement costs.