E-Recording Now Live in EP

East Providence is now fully equipped to e-Record for land record documents in the City Clerk's office. This is a method of delivering and returning documents between the submitter and the recorder. It allows Notaries to notarize real property electronic documents with electronic signatures.

This method was implemented to keep us in compliance with the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UTEA) that was proposed by the Uniform Law Commission. It is also in alignment with the Rhode Island House Bill 7080/ Senate Bill 2145 that passed in July 2018 and effective as of July 2019. In essence, the UTEA makes it legal to eRecord.

The benefits of having e-Recording (besides being in compliance with state law) are:

* Higher efficiency - our clerks will begin to see less incoming mail and less counter transactions; we will receive documents in real time. In many cases, this will speed the process up by at least 3-5 days for our customers
* Lower costs - we no longer need to worry about paying postage in returning documents
* Increased accuracy in document tracking
* Faster, more assured and accurate ACH revenue tracking - we are set up through our eRecording vendors for disbursements once they collect the accurate amount owed for recordings
* Better document control, rejection and resolution process