Press Release: City hires Northeast Revaluation Group; Prepares 2021 revaluation project

EAST PROVIDENCE, RI — The City of East Providence is preparing its 2021Statistical Revaluation Project as part of its requirement under Rhode Island General Law (RIGL 44-5-11.6), which  mandates that cities and towns revalue all property every three years.


Under the Statistical Revaluation, each taxpayer receives a new assessment and will have an opportunity to have a hearing on their new assessment. The City is preparing to visit and inspect (in person) all properties that have sold and those properties whose owners have pulled a building permit within the last year.


The city of East Providence has hired Northeast Revaluation Group, LLC, a municipal revaluation vendor located in Warwick, RI to assist with the project. The process is expected to begin in early August.


Northeast Revaluation data collectors (Jerry Noel, Todd Wheeler, Mike Pratt and John Hocking) will have identification badges and the registrations of their vehicles are on file with the East Providence Police Dept. Residents should note that Northeast Revaluation staff wear RED vests or RED shirts featuring the company logo. The city of East Providence Assessor’s Division has additional details regarding this process should homeowners have any questions.


Upon visiting a property, data collectors will place a specialized door hanger on the appropriate door, knock, and step back a minimum of six feet. The door hanger will explain that the data collector will be inspecting the outside of the home. It is important to note that no valuation decisions are made at the time of inspection. At a later date, the property owner will receive an Interior Data Verification letter that will provide an opportunity to review the interior features and make adjustments.


Since all assessed valuations are based on sales as of a certain date, later changes in the market will gradually make assessments not in line with the real estate marketplace. The rise and fall of real estate values make certain properties more valuable or less valuable, in relation to each other. Due to these reasons, the state of Rhode Island settled on a three-year schedule for property revaluations. 


The project is scheduled for completion in early 2022 and property owners can expect to receive a new assessment notice at that time. The notice will include the new property assessment and information regarding informal appeals. For any questions regarding this process, please call the city of East Providence Assessor’s Office at 401-435-7574. A helpful description of the revaluation process may be found at under “Revaluations Explained” AND under FAQs.