Assistant Water Superintendent

$94,709 - $109,673 (50T)
ADDITIONAL INCENTIVE: $5000 bonus upon completion of one year of service, and
attainment of required licenses.
Job Description: Under administrative direction of the Water Utilities Superintendent, the
Assistant Water Superintendent is a high-level management position within the Department of
Public Works, Water Utilities Division of the City of East Providence. The Assistant Water
Superintendent assists the Water Superintendent in directing, coordinating, and administering all
activities and personnel of the Water Utilities Division. Through the effective administration of the
department, and by collaborating with regulatory agencies such as the Rhode Island Department
of Health, Rhode Island Water Resources Board, and Rhode Island Department of Environmental
Management, the Assistant Water Superintendent provides a vital service to the people of East
It is the intention of the City of East Providence that the Assistant Water Superintendent will
assume the position of Water Superintendent within an 18-month period.
Duties and Responsibilities: Assistant Water Superintendent takes on a variety of
responsibilities including, but not limited to:
 Overseeing the assessment and construction of new water main.
 Assisting or directly planning the assignments and work efforts of division employees in
the maintenance and improvement of the water system transmission and distribution lines,
pumping stations, storage facilities and meter installation, reading, billing and repair.
 Making technical assessments and decisions based on engineering principles and/or
established water supply guidelines, standards and regulations regarding hydraulic
calculations, interpretation of analytical test results and construction practices.
 Preparing and administering the Division’s operations and capital budgets, drafts
specifications, purchase equipment and material, and approves payments.
 Administering customer service program directly or through staff, and coordinating water
billing when necessary.
 Administering City cross connection control and backflow prevention programs.
 Preparing reports and studies as required.
 Directing the installation and maintenance of all City fire hydrants.
Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: The Assistant Water Superintendent possesses:
 Ability to prepare and present written reports.
 Good oral and written communication skills and the ability to plan and supervise the work
of division employees, coworkers, public and regulatory agencies.
 Knowledge of the principles, procedures and methods of water supply management and
public works construction.
 Knowledge of relevant federal and state drinking water quality regulations.
 Ability to prepare, and supervise the preparation of reports, budget recommendations and
construction projects.
 Competency in the use of productivity software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and
Outlook, and software used to manage the water system.
 Five or more years of experience in a managerial capacity in a public or private Class IV
water system preferred.
Minimum Qualifications: The Assistant Water Superintendent possesses:
 Bachelor’s Degree in civil engineering, environmental engineering, biology, chemistry,
microbiology, environmental science or a related field of study.
 Experience in hydraulics or water pipeline distribution systems.
 Experience in a managerial capacity in a public or private utility.
 A valid driver’s license.
Preferred Qualifications: The ideal candidate for the Assistant Water Superintendent
 State of Rhode Island Water System Operator Certification Transmission and Distribution
4 and Treatment 1 license.
 Backflow Prevention Assembly Testing Certification and Cross Connection Control
Surveyor Certification (NEWWA or equal).
Additional Requirements:
 The Assistant Water Superintendent must possess the licenses listed above within (12)
twelve months of employment.
 Licenses must be kept current.
 The Assistant Water Superintendent must be available for overtime during all types of
emergency situations concerning the water system.
Examination Weight: 100% Oral
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Posted 5/24/2


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