(Salary range $91,180 - $111,180 commensurate with experience)


CLASS DEFINITION: This position should be at-will and appointed by the mayor. Under the direction of the mayor, assumes responsibility for the coordination and administration of all programs and activities of the Planning and Economic Development Department. Responsible for overseeing the Department of Planning and Economic Development. Responsible for research of available grant funding opportunities. Responsible for applying for federal and state and other grants.




The division of planning shall create, maintain, and implement all neighborhood, redevelopment and special area plans, and oversee environmental planning, historic preservation planning, and transportation planning and transit initiatives.

The division of economic development shall be responsible for identifying and promoting development opportunities for business growth and development in the city. The department is also responsible for disbursing and monitoring the expenditure of federal community development funding. The division shall be responsible for identifying opportunities to expand development for arts and culture within the city.

The Director of Planning and Economic Development shall work with the division of building inspection, for the purpose of coordinating permitting for developments from the design phase to final inspection.

The Director of Planning and Economic Development shall work with the director of finance and other members of the finance department as may be necessary for the purpose of maximizing economic development initiatives in the city and to promote the long term financial wellbeing of the city, which shall include the formulation of a multi-year financial forecast.

The Director of Planning and Economic Development or his or her designee shall be the technical advisor of the planning board and shall be responsible for the preparation of all records of the board, which records shall be authenticated by the board's secretary.

The director shall also have the power to call a special meeting of the planning board.

The Director of Planning and Economic Development shall be the administrative head of the Department of Planning and Economic Development who, in addition to such other duties designated by the mayor, shall prepare a fiscal department budget for presentation to the mayor. Such budget shall set forth the necessary funds for the Department of Planning and Economic Development, as well as the funds for the use of the planning board.




A thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of policy analysis including policy development, coordination, economic analysis, cost-benefit analysis and implementation; a working knowledge of the organizational structures common in government and the functions of departments and agencies therein; a working knowledge of organization and management including public administration, governmental budgeting and program evaluation; the ability to apply logic and analytical techniques to determine underlying principles, reasons, patterns, or facts associated with data and other information to draw conclusions; the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with state and municipal officials, superiors, subordinates and the public; the ability to prepare clear and concise objective analyses and recommendations; the ability to use statistical software in performing complex research and preparing conclusions; and related capacities and abilities.


Working knowledge of the methods and techniques involved in the collection and organization of physical, social,  economic and other data used in community, regional and state planning; a  familiarity with the principles and practices of community, regional and state planning; the ability to make technical planning studies and surveys in the fields of land use, recreation, industrial locations, traffic  circulation, zoning and other allied fields; the ability to prepare digests of reports and studies; the ability to understand and carry out complex oral and written instructions; and related capacities and abilities.


MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED FOR APPOINTMENT: bachelor’s degree in public or business administration, economics, finance, urban planning, or a related field.



Oral 100 %

Only individuals who meet the minimum qualifications will be considered.


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Application and resume must be submitted no later than December 24, 2022, by 4:00 p.m.



  At the City of East Providence we celebrate the diversity of our citizenry, and are proud to encourage inclusiveness in our workforce. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability in employment or the provision of services.



                                                                                                                            POSTED 12/01/2022

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Saturday, December 24, 2022


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