Carpenter Apprentice

Department of Public Works/ Public Buildings

Union 15509 Pay Grade 30 ($39,048-$46,125)

Assigned to the Public Buildings Department to ensure that buildings are kept clean, in good repair and secure. May coordinate with outside contractors or other city divisions or departments in handling emergency or routine maintenance and makes appropriate contacts. Assists in non-routine repairs or maintenance. Performs tasks in the construction, alteration, maintenance and repair to buildings, indoor and outdoor furniture, articles of wood and other property structures. When not performing rough or finish carpentry work, paints, maintains tools and equipment, and works on snow removal. Personally performs custodial duties. Performs related work as required.

Assesses non-routine maintenance or repair problems and notifies the Superintendent and/or Assistant Superintendent, contacts outside contractors as needed.

Responsible for duties such as sweeping, dusting, mopping, scrubbing, stripping, and waxing the floors and walls of halls, offices, and rooms; operating heavy industrial buffers or scrubbers; cleaning plumbing fixtures and washrooms; providing washrooms with soap and other necessary supplies; moving furniture and other equipment; cleaning sidewalks and performing lawn and gardening maintenance; providing for minor repairs to buildings and equipment; painting; washing windows; changing light bulbs; emptying wastebaskets; and maintaining general watch over buildings and offices. Personally participates in or supervises the moving of office equipment and other services requested by building occupants. Receives all freight delivered to buildings and dispatches it to the proper offices, and/or departments. Personally participates in or supervises the cleaning of snow from sidewalks and steps around buildings.

Makes and repairs cabinets, desks, tables, chairs, shelves, and other furniture. Repairs doors and locks. Makes and repairs screens and window frames and replaces window glass. Works on small structures, park benches, tables and other wooden structures or fixtures. Sharpens, repairs tools, and keeps equipment in good condition. Operates specialized tools (ex. Drill presses, band saws, skill saws, jointers, lathes, circular saws, sanding machines, etc.). Based on the project budget; orders supplies and materials for jobs, keeps inventory records on materials and supplies. Makes rough sketches and designs for carpentry work to be done. Makes out cost estimates of labor and materials for jobs.

ESSENTIAL ABILITIES, KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS: Ability to understand and effectively perform oral and written instructions. Thorough knowledge of modern methods, materials and supplies used in building cleaning and maintenance. Considerable knowledge of the methods, tools and equipment used in the building maintenance trades. Thorough knowledge of the techniques, tools, equipment and materials used in carpentry; and a high degree of skill in the application of such practices and techniques. Ability to keep records. Ability to work from sketches or blueprints. Ability to make rough sketches and designs and cost estimates of labor and materials. Knowledge of occupational hazards, safety measures, and precautions. Skill in the use and care of tools and equipment of the trade including power tools. Sufficient mathematical ability to make cost estimates, calculate project costs, summarize labor costs for payroll or budget purposes. Ability to work independently without direct supervision. Ability to walk, climb stairs, descend stairs for extended periods of time. Able to climb and descend ladders, ability to lift up to 50 lbs., manual dexterity, and ability to work in tight confined space.

Graduation from a standard high school or trade school with technical training or apprenticeship in carpentry preferred. Three or more years of carpentry experience in all stages of carpentry from rough to finish work; preference will be given to any candidate with any license to perform any other trades such as electrical or plumbing. Three or more years’ experience in building cleaning and maintenance work. Supervisory experience preferred; or any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the desired abilities, knowledge and skills. Any portfolio of work completed would be helpful if the candidate is selected for an interview. Three letters of reference attesting to carpentry work must be submitted at the interview.


Oral 100 %

Please apply online;

East Providence residents encouraged to apply. Residency points given per City Ordinance.

Application and resume must be submitted no later than August 30, 2021 by 4:00 p.m.

At the City of East Providence we celebrate the diversity of our citizenry, and are proud to encourage inclusiveness in our workforce. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability in employment or the provision of services.


Submission Deadline 
Monday, August 30, 2021


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