City of East Providence unveils art installation at Watchemoket Square

March 26, 2022

Office of the Mayor
Patricia Resende
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City of East Providence unveils art installation at Watchemoket Square

EAST PROVIDENCE, RI – The City of East Providence has unveiled a new art installation at the Waterfront Gateway Sculpture Garden, a public open space located in the heart of Watchemoket Square in East Providence.
“The Feathers Three” sculpture is a triple cluster of the debut sculpture concept, Pluma Sculptura, aka “The Feather” by artist Kirk Seese.

This sculpture represents the first time “The Feather” has been seen in this configuration, as a grouping of three.

“With its vertical nature and colorful palette, the Feathers Three represents upward momentum, a reaching towards something better, an inspiration for the eyes,” Seese said. “They don't ask the viewer for anything other than to enjoy them for what they are.

“There's no hidden meaning or political statement, just beauty and I am absolutely thrilled to have artwork on display in the gorgeous state of Rhode Island,” Seese added.

“We are thrilled to feature “The Feathers Three,” Mayor Bob DaSilva said. “The new outdoor sculpture will be part of a broader place-making initiative at the Square and establishes an arts district in the area of the square with the sculpture garden as its focal point.
“This is only one of many initiatives to come in the City’s development of the Arts and Entertainment District,” DaSilva added.
The sculpture garden is well landscaped with a stone bench and sidewalks, which are maintained by the City.

The City is leasing the sculpture for two years with an option to extend the lease or purchase it outright at the end of the term. The $5,000 leasing fee is covered by the Public Art line item in the FY2020 Capital Budget.

As the creator of the Watchemoket Sculpture Garden, East Providence Arts Council (EPAC) was involved in the decision-making and artist selection process for locating a new sculpture in the park. EPAC Chair Jennifer Cahoon and EPAC Vice Chair David O'Connell served on the selection panel.

Seese was one of nine applicants who responded to the city's RFQ for public art released in October 2021. A selection panel, consisting of East Providence artists, fabricators, and Watchemoket Square stakeholders, reviewed applications and selected “The Feathers Three” as their top choice.

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