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Special Needs Programs

East Providence Recreation Department provides various programs for youth, adults, and seniors with disabilities.  A medical release form is required of all first-time participants and may be obtained by calling 435-7511.  Round trip door-to-door transportation is provided at a charge of $2 for all activities.  Our bus is wheelchair accessible.

Dine Out

  • 1st Wednesday of the Month 5pm $13/per person Age 18+

Coffee Hour

  • 2nd & 5th Wednesday of the Month 6pm $5/per person Age 18+


  • 3rd Wednesday of the Month 5:45pm $9.75/per person Age 18+

Mystery Ride

  • 4th Wednesday of the Month 6pm

Dancersize/Bingo (alternates)

  • Thursday 7-8pm (January-May) Rec Center Age 18+

Saturday Program

  • 10:30am-2:30pm Ages 18+ (Day Trips & Special Events)

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