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Sewer Main Cleaning & TV Inspection

The City of East Providence’s Water Pollution Control Facility and collection system is now operated by United Water.  United Water has contracted with Inland Waterways to clean and TV inspect the sewer mains throughout the city.  The city has a sanitary sewer collection system that is separate from the stormwater drainage system.  The stormwater drainage system is maintained by the City’s Highway Department.  

United Water, through Inland Waterways, shall be responsible to clean approximately 20% of the system each year, such that the entire system is cleaned every five years.  This work will consist of a large Vactor type truck that will jet the lines and vacuum the debris into a large tank on the back of the truck.  This truck is required to set-up over a manhole, typically located in the middle of the roadway.  Typically at least one lane of traffic will be able to pass.  Care should be taken when passing this vehicle

Once the pipe is cleaned, a smaller van will follow to televise the sewer pipe.  This allows for a structural inspection of the pipeline to determine the condition of the pipe and would allow the city to focus repairs/maintenance to specific areas.  The ultimate goal of this work is to provide the city with a detailed maintenance work plan, accurate locations of sewer laterals, improve the flow of water through the sewer lines, and to try and reduce areas of inflow and infiltration of groundwater (clean water) that surcharge our pipes during times of extreme storms.  Please be respectful of these workers as they perform their duties.

This work will wind down in the month of October and commence in the Spring.  

Any questions should be directed to United Water at 433-6363. 

Last Updated: Thu, 03/12/2020 - 9:51am