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Engineering Division

The Engineering Division is responsible for the design, permitting, and construction administration for municipal sanitary sewers, drainage systems, water mains, culverts, roads, and buildings. The Division also conducts inspections of all construction related work located within the City Right-of-Way. The Division is responsible for keeping sanitary sewer, water, drainage, street and assessor's maps updated.

The Engineering Division is available to answer questions on drainage, sewer, and other land development issues, in addition to performing technical reviews for site plans and subdivision plans in support of other City Departments. The Engineering Division consists of the City Engineer, Associate Engineer, four Engineering Aides, and a Clerk Typist.

Unshoveled sidewalks

Attention residents and businesses

The Public Works Department would like to remind residents and business owners that it is your responsibility to clear the snow within the sidewalk area.  City Ordinance 14-40 states “The owner, occupant or any person having the care of any building or lot of land bordering on any street, highway, square or public space within the city where there is a sidewalk supported by a curbstone shall, within the first four hours of daylight after the ceasing to fall of any snow, cause such snow to be removed. For every hour after the expiration of the specified four hours that the snow shall remain on such sidewalk, such owner, occupant or another person shall pay a fine.  This section shall also apply to the falling of snow from any building. There is a similar Ordinance for ice removal 14-41.

To report unshoveled sidewalks please call the Engineering Office at 435-7703.