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The East Providence School District educates approximately 5,800 students each year.

Elementary Schools

There are eight elementary schools and one early learning center that offer services to some 2,600 students. The schools are organized in grades K-5. The Meadowcrest Early Learning Center houses Pre-K, ESL K, and Special Education primary classes.

Middle Schools

There are two high performing middle schools, which provide instruction for 1,500 students in grades 6 through 8. Students are offered a wide range of academic courses, which include: Math; Science; English; Social Studies; Foreign Languages (French, Portuguese, and Spanish); Physical Education; Art; Choral Instruction; Band; Health; Family & Consumer Science; Library Science, and Technology and Computer Science. 

Special needs students receive a variety of services including Speech; Occupational Therapy; Physical Therapy; Resource; and Self-Contained Special Needs Instruction.

High School

East Providence High School is a 2005 Regents’ Commended comprehensive high school. The community of East Providence High believes that education is the lifeblood of a fulfilled and productive individual. EP High recognizes a commitment to an educational process that recognizes the importance of student proficiency and performance-based standards. 

East Providence High School is a comprehensive campus providing a vast array of over 153 different course offerings to guarantee individual needs of close to 2000 students. The Career & Technical Center provides 12 different vocational-technical course offerings. 

Along with a comprehensive academic program, EPHS also offers a wide array of co-curricular activities. There are 22 different clubs and committees for students to join. There are over 40 different athletic squads for all students to participate in. Students also participate in Upward Bound; Educational Talent Search; and The Children’s Crusade.

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