May 21, 2024 Police and Fire Pension Board Quarterly Meeting Agenda

Posted: May 16, 2024


A regular quarterly meeting of the Firemen’s and Policemen’s Retirement Pension Fund
Board of Trustees will be held on Tuesday, the 21st of May 2024 in Conference Room 306 at City Hall, 145 Taunton Avenue, East Providence, RI 02914 at 9:00 a.m.


Lt. Adam Christina, Chairman, Fire Representative
Det.Cpl. Patrick Kelley, Vice Chairman, Police Representative
James Bellamy, Retiree Representative
John F. Wallace, Civilian Representative
Frank Fogarty, Councilman, City Council Representative
Roberto L. DaSilva, Mayor
Malcolm Moore, Director of Finance, Administrator

Other Attendees:

Michael J. Marcello, City Solicitor
Robert Perry, Director of Human Resources
Bernadette Frias, HR Benefits & Payroll Administrator
Michael Dwyer, Wainwright Investment Council LLC
Jeff Frabrizio, Wainwright Investment Council LLC
Kim Brown, Pension Clerk


I Call to Order

Christina ____ Kelley_____ Bellamy ____Wallace ____Fogarty ____ DaSilva______Moore____

II Executive Session

The Police and Fire Retirement System of the City of East Providence may meet in closed Executive Session pursuant to RI General Laws § 42-46-5 (a)(1) for a discussion related to the physical or mental health of a person or persons related to a request for a disability pensions – notice given.

Christina ____Kelley ____ Bellamy ____Wallace ____Fogarty ____ DaSilva______Moore____

A. Discussion / Action / Vote regarding disability pension requests

1. Retired Firefighter Private over 20 yrs N. Garcia

Christina ____Kelley ____ Bellamy ____Wallace ____Fogarty ____ DaSilva______Moore____

2. Firefighter A. Handfield

Christina ____Kelley ____ Bellamy ____Wallace ____Fogarty ____ DaSilva______Moore____

III Read out Votes, Seal Minutes and Adjourn Executive Session

Christina ____Kelley ____ Bellamy ____Wallace ____Fogarty ____ DaSilva______Moore____

IV Reading of the votes from Executive Session

Christina ____Kelley ____ Bellamy ____Wallace ____Fogarty ____ DaSilva______Moore____

V Review of March 2024 Performance Report and Funding Recommendations by Wainwright Investment Counsel, LLC

Vote to accept handouts into record

Christina_____ Kelley_____ Bellamy ____Wallace ____Fogarty ____ DaSilva______Moore____

Vote for any investment or liquidity items

Christina_____ Kelley ____ Bellamy ____Wallace ____Fogarty ____ DaSilva______Moore____

VI To Approve the Consent Calendar
All items under “Consent Calendar” are considered to be of routine and noncontroversial nature by the Board and will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion on these items unless a Board member so requests, in which event, the item will be removed from the “Consent Calendar” and will be considered in it’s normal sequence on the docket.
1. Pension meeting journals for February 20th and April 24th 2024
2. COLA listing for March, April and May 2024
3. Barings Invoice 1st Qtr.
4. IR+M Invoices 4th Qtr. 2023 and 1st Qtr.
5. Principal Custody Solutions Fee Advise 1st Qtr.
6. RhumbLine Invoice 1st Qtr.
7. Wainwright Investment Counsel, LLC 1st Qtr.
8. Nyhart invoice 2023 valuation GASB
9. Principal U.S. Property Account 1st Quarter Highlights
10. Disbursement – Capital Call, Dover Street X L.P.
11. Disbursement – Capital Call, ETG Co-Invest Opportunities Fund LP
12. Disbursement – Capital Call, Lexington Capital Partners IX LP
13. Distribution – TA Realty
14. Dover Street X L.P. Quarterly Capital Account Statement 4th Qtr. 2023
15. Siguler Guff projected capital account balance on March 31, 2024
16. Barings Schedule K-1 2023
17. Lion Industrial Trust 1099-B
18. RhumbLine’s 2024 Annual Compliance Package
19. IceMiller Letter of Engagement
20. APRA request from EPPD – Kim replied
21. APRA request from With Intelligence – Kim replied
22. APRA request from Pregin – Kim replied
23. APRA request from Deltek, Inc – Kim replied
24. APRA request from Solicitor – Kim replied
25. APRA request from MSGraystone – Kim replied

Vote to accept Consent Calendar items

Christina____ Kelley _____ Bellamy ____Wallace ____Fogarty ____ DaSilva______Moore____

VII Request to return contributions to former employee who left employment with the City.

Vote to return Z. Fortier contribution to the pension system

Christina_____ Kelley_____ Bellamy ____Wallace ____Fogarty ____ DaSilva______Moore____

VIII Discussion / Action / Vote with the selection of Ice Miller LLP what are the next steps.

Christina_____ Kelley_____ Bellamy ____Wallace ____Fogarty ____ DaSilva______Moore____

IX Adjournment

Christina ____Kelley ____ Bellamy ____Wallace ____Fogarty ____ DaSilva______Moore____

Location Details

City Hall Room 306
145 Taunton Ave
East Providence, RI 02914