Chick Week Family Evening Storytime

Bring your child to this special Chick Week storytime, We will sing some songs, dance, and read a story about chickens. At the end, kids will have a chance to pet or hold live chicks that hatched right here at the Weaver Library.
Ages 3+

On April 12, a farm educator from Casey Farm set up an incubator, with 12 (do we have 12??) Rhody Red and Dominique eggs, in the children's room at Weaver Library. The chicks are expected to hatch after 21 days, on Wednesday, May 3. We will keep the chicks in a coop at Weaver through May 11. All are invited to come in and see them during that time. The chicks will go back to Casey Farm on May 12.


Location Details

Weaver Library
41 Grove Ave.
East Providence, RI 02914