April 7, 2021 City of East Providence/American Red Cross Community Conversation

Volunteer your time and talent with the City of East Providence and American Red Cross

The City of East Providence and American Red Cross continues its fight against the spread of COVID-19 by working with state and local providers, communities, and partners to support a variety of response activities across Rhode Island. If you are interested in supporting these ongoing efforts including, but not limited to: COVID vaccination clinic staffing support (vaccinator check-in/checkout, registration, observation, etc.), street canvassing, and other vaccine-related efforts as a volunteer, join the conversation. 

Panelists include: 

  • American Red Cross Volunteer, Walter Berbrick
  • Mayor Bob DaSilva
  • East Providence EMA Dir. Chief Glenn Quick 
  • East Providence EMS Dir. Capt. John Potvin
  • East Providence Rec Dir. Diane Sullivan 
  • East Providence Planner Johanna Walczak

Register for the community zoom here:

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