Press Release: National Grid announces East Providence as a 2020 Community Initiative participant


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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (OCTOBER 14, 2020) – National Grid today announced that the City of East Providence will benefit from funding and support to implement energy efficiency outreach in their
National Grid’s Community Initiative provides incentive funding of up to $20,000 to Rhode Island communities that meet the program’s goals for implementing energy efficiency outreach in their residential and small business communities and achieving exceptional energy savings through energy assessments and installation of energy efficiency measures. (These earned incentives are in addition to energy efficiency incentives already available to residents.) The funding is awarded
based on the goals achieved by the end of the year and funds are then used for energy efficiency improvements on municipal property.

“We know Rhode Islanders are deeply committed to the clean energy transition and want to do their part to create more energy efficient communities,” said Brian Schuster, Director of Customer and Community, RI National Grid. “We are proud to work with the City of East Providence through National Grid’s Community Initiative, knowing that each step promoted by our initiative reduces the amount of energy used in households and businesses across the City. When local residents utilize
these measures, it’s a win for the community as well as our customers in helping to reduce their consumption and take more control of their energy bills.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate with National Grid on yet another energy-savings program – one that will provide both financial and energy savings to our residents,” said East Providence Mayor Bob DaSilva. “With resident and small business participation in this new community initiative, together we will now see an even greater savings throughout the City.” Thanks to an existing program with National Grid, the City of East Providence will see more than $24,000 in annual financial savings and 136.916 in annual Kilowatt-hours savings.”

In addition to assisting communities in identifying individualized goals, National Grid will provide the City of East Providence with support throughout the duration of the initiative including:
• Sharing monthly progress reports.
• Conducting monthly calls to learn best practices.
• Developing and printing customized outreach materials (brochures, signs).
• Sending campaign materials to customers (email, bill inserts).