Executive Order 2020-001-Amending Membership of Mayor's Council on Veterans Affairs

Executive Order 2020-001

February 25, 2020


Mayor’s Council on Veterans Affairs

WHEREAS, the City of East Providence honors, appreciates, and holds in highest regard, all veterans and active duty members of the United States Armed Forces; and

WHEREAS, the City of East Providence seeks to do all it can to improve the lives of the veteran population within its community; and

WHEREAS, the City of East Providence recognizes the continuing accomplishments and achievements East Providence veterans, themselves, have done for the community; and

WHEREAS, the City of East Providence is home to active duty military, veterans, and civilians as well as several volunteer and nonprofit groups devoted to improving the lives of veterans; and

WHEREAS, bringing these groups together to work in conjunction and leverage existing resources will maximize the city’s ability to service its veterans; and

WHEREAS, the mayor seeks guidance and advice from those who are most knowledgeable on all issues concerning veterans so that the city may offer the greatest benefits to its veterans.

NOW, THEREFORE, by the power vested in me as Mayor of the City of East Providence, it is hereby ordered:

Section 1: Establishment and composition of Mayor’s Council on Veterans Affairs:

Executive Order 2019-001 entitled Mayor’s Council on Veterans Affairs, dated November 18, 2019 is hereby amended by Executive Order 2020-001 entitled An Order to Amend the Membership of the Mayor’s Council on Veterans Affairs.

The Veterans Council is shall consist of (13) thirteen members, a majority of whom shall be veterans. The mayor or his designee shall serve as an additional ex officio member of the Veterans Council.

Section 2: Effective Date: This order shall take effect immediately.


Roberto L. DaSilva