East Providence mayor signs executive order creating advisory council on Indigenous affairs



Nov. 17, 2022                                                                                    


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East Providence mayor signs executive order creating advisory council on Indigenous affairs


EAST PROVIDENCE, RI – Mayor Bob DaSilva has created a newly formed advisory council dedicated to advising and consulting the mayor on issues affecting American Indian, Alaskan Native, Pacific Island and Native Hawaiian people residing in East Providence.


Mayor DaSilva signed Executive Order 2022-007 establishing the Mayor’s Advisory Council on Indigenous Affairs on Monday, Nov. 14, 2022 and presented a copy of the executive order to the community during the city’s Native American Heritage Month celebration before Chief Harry the Hawk Quanunon Edmonds of the Pokanoket Tribal Nation, Sagamore William Winds of Thunder Guy of Pokanoket Tribal Nation, Sachem Tracey Dancing Star Brown of the Pokanoket Tribal Nation, Chief Darrell Waldren of the Seaconke Tribe, Carol Little Meadow Brown, and Patricia Gentle Rain Booker.


Members of the public, representatives from the community and members of the East Providence Mayor DaSilva’s executive staff were also in attendance.


“My administration saw there was great need to bring together residents who are dedicated to indigenous affairs and others in the community who represent organizations focused on the betterment of indigenous people’s lives,” DaSilva said. “I look forward to working with our Indigenous Affairs Council to reinforce the city’s commitment to better serve, support and promote the Indigenous community.”