City of East Providence officials sign ordinance expanding disabled veterans’ exemption

Oct. 26, 2022  


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City of East Providence officials sign ordinance expanding disabled veterans’ exemption

EAST PROVIDENCE, RI – Mayor Bob DaSilva, together with Council President Robert Britto, signed an ordinance expanding disabled veterans’ exemption to more eligible East Providence residents that have been designated service-connected disable veterans.

Council President Britto and Mayor Bob DaSilva were joined by Veteran Anthony Ballirano, who worked with the city’s assessors and law departments to draft the language for the ordinance.

“This brings real tax relief to our veterans who have service-related disabilities but were not at 100 percent,” Mayor Bob DaSilva. “Our administration has been and always will be committed to our veterans.”

“The Council collaborated with our Mr. Ballirano and the Mayor’s Office to make this happen,” Council President Britto said. “This ordinance gives our city the opportunity to expand veterans’ exemptions to more eligible East Providence residents and we are proud of the work and collaboration that went into making this a reality for our veterans.”

An ordinance was recently introduced by Council President Robert Britto and Council Vice President Bob Rodericks. The Councilors worked with the Mayor’s Office and City Tax Assessor on the ordinance, which was passed on October 18, 2022. The ordinance was written after the implementation of House Bill H7349 and Senate Bill S2955. House Bill H7349 was sponsored by House Majority Whip Katherine Kazarian, Rep. Gregg Amore, Rep. Liana Cassar and Rep. Brianna Henries and Senate Bill H7349 was sponsored by Sen. Val Lawson.

The ordinance enables the city to expand its disabled veterans’ exemption to more eligible East Providence residents who have been designated, service-connected disabled veterans. In the past, state law allowed for Veterans who were 100 percent total service-connected to receive an exemption. Now, the City offers an exemption for veterans who have been evaluated by the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs and have a service-connected disability of less than 100 percent. This exemption cannot be combined with any current veterans’ exemptions. Applicants are eligible starting with the 2023 tax bills and must apply by May 25, 2023 to receive the exemption on the 2023 tax bill.

Applicant must be an East Providence resident and own and occupy the residential property as your primary residence. 

Applicant must fill out an application with Assessor’s Office, must be honorably discharged and submit (along with the application) a letter from the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs that indicates that they have been evaluated and have a service-connected disability with an overall rating of less than 100 percent. 

Based on the received rating, veterans will fall into one of the three categories below and receive the exemption amount mentioned.   

Tax Classification Tiers for Service Connected Disabled Veterans Less than 100% Disabled (amounts based on 2022 Tax Rate subject to change ever Revaluation cycle per RIGL 44-3-24) 


Tier 1-    VA Disability Rating %  between   0%-30%   Valuation Reduction      $10,725  ($234.45 Tax Credit)
Tier 2-   VA Disability Rating %  between    31%-60%  Valuation Reduction      $13,200  ($288.55 Tax Credit) 

Tier 3-    VA Disability Rating %  between     61%-99% Valuation Reduction      $15,675  ($342.66 Tax Credit)


These amounts are not in addition to the regular Veterans exemption, if you currently receive that and now qualify under the new law your amount with be upgraded.