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Mayoral Proclamation Request

Mayor DaSilva issues proclamations to educate the public on events related to public safety, culture or history. There are a few things to know before submitting your request: You need to have your request sponsored by an East Providence resident or group. Mayor Bob DaSilva will not honor multiple requests from the same person or group in one year. The proclamation must educate a significant amount of East Providence residents. Mayor Bob DaSilva will issue a proclamation for one date only, and usually won't provide backdated proclamations. Mayor Bob DaSilva has the right to edit the drafted language of a proclamation. Please keep in mind, the proclamations are ceremonial and are not a legal document. You will need to apply each year if the proclamation is an annual event. Mayor Bob DaSilva does not renew proclamations. Mayor Bob DaSilva and his staff have the right to deny your request. Don't make any announcements about the proclamation. You must submit a request at least three weeks before the deadline. All requests are subject to review and editing before we accept or decline them.

Last Updated: Mon, 06/07/2021 - 3:40pm