Press Release: City of East Providence honored for work on athletic fields

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Contact: Tricia Hegedis

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City of East Providence honored for work on athletic fields

CLEVELAND, OH (April 13, 2023) - Pioneer Athletics proudly announces that the City of East Providence has been selected as a WINNER of the 2022 Fields of Excellence Award. 

As a winner, the City of East Providence will receive a certificate of recognition and a Fields of Excellence banner that they can proudly display at their winning field. Pioneer may all use the picture of the City of East Providence's winning field in their upcoming publications and annual calendar. 

Pioneer understands that excellence in athletic field maintenance goes unrecognized and often, unappreciated. The Fields of Excellence Award Program honors outstanding athletic fields and the hardworking field crews who diligently maintain them. The Fields of Excellence Award Program was established in 1997 and has honored 1,464 athletic fields from around the country since its creation. 

Colleges, universities, high schools and parks and recreation departments from all over the United States submitted photographs, letters of recommendation and application forms describing their institution's detailed athletic field maintenance program. A rigorous judging process yielded 101 winners from a large pool of applicants, with two athletic fields randomly selected as Scholarship Winners. 

Pioneer is the nation's leading manufacturer of athletic field marking paint and equipment. Designed for durability and dependability, Pioneer's line up of natural and synthetic field paints, antimicrobial coatings, striping machines, high-quality stencils and athletic accessories are used by over 22,000 high schools, colleges and professional athletic organizations throughout North America.