Press Release: East Providence supports legislation to offer tax amnesty to property owners



April 5, 2023                                                                          


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East Providence supports legislation to offer tax amnesty to property owners


EAST PROVIDENCE, RI – Mayor Bob DaSilva’s administration, together with the East Providence City Council has announced it is in full support of state legislation to offer tax amnesty to property owners in the City.


The East Providence City Council approved resolutions in support of the state legislation which, if passed, will enable the City of East Providence to offer tax amnesty for those property owners who are CURRENTLY behind on their real property tax payments. This program is not open to those who may, in the future, be delinquent on their taxes.

“Some residential and commercial property owner have faced real financial hardships including loss of jobs, loss of business and more during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Mayor Bob DaSilva said. “I have heard from property owners who have expressed that they just cannot get ahead – this legislation will enable the city to offer some relief to our property owners.”


House Bill 6165 and Senate Bill 885 entitled “An Act Relating to Taxation – Levy and Assessment of Local Taxes” has been introduced in the Rhode Island House by Representatives Katherine Kazarian, Jennifer Boylan, Matt Dawson and Briana Henries and in the Senate by Senators Valerie Lawson, Robert Britto and Pam Lauria.

The City of East Providence wishes to offer an opportunity for property owners to be up to date on their taxes by creating this tax amnesty program, which is limited in scope to those property owners who are already behind and have accumulated substantial penalties. The tax amnesty legislation will offer property owners some relief by eliminating up to $10,000 in accrued penalties.

“I wholeheartedly support Bills S-885 and H-6165 because residential and commercial property owners have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic causing many to fall behind on their real estate tax payments,” DaSilva added. “This is an opportunity to give our property owners a chance to catch up on their bill and bring these overdue payments back into the city’s funds.”

The Administration and Council is hoping, that with this legislation and by creating this tax amnesty program, property owners will have the opportunity to become current on their taxes without the added burden of going to tax sale.


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