Press Release: Mayor proclaims March 2023 Women’s History Month, International Women’s Day; Launches 4th annual Remarkable Women program


January 31, 2023




Office of the Mayor

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Patricia Resende

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Mayor proclaims March Women’s History Month, International Women’s Day; Launches 4th annual Remarkable Women program

EAST PROVIDENCE, RI – The City of East Providence is celebrating the achievements of women in East Providence and throughout the world by proclaiming March Women’s History Month and March 8, 2023, International Women’s Day in East Providence.


“Every year during the month of March we celebrate Women's History Month,” Mayor Bob DaSilva said. “Not only is it important to honor and recognize the women who came before us, but to recognize those who live and work with us each day.”

The Administration is also kicking off its 4th Annual Remarkable Women Recognition Program and is asking for the community’s help in recognizing women in East Providence who have demonstrated extraordinary accomplishments that have had a positive impact on the community.

During the month of March remarkable women will be recognized and celebrated for their impact in the community.

“By nominating and honoring the Remarkable Women in the City of East Providence, we are recognizing the women in our lives who carry the same traits and qualities of the role models and trailblazers that came before us,” DaSilva added. 

If you know a remarkable woman, please fill out and submit this nomination form by clicking here: or print the attached form and email it to with “Remarkable Woman” in the subject line. Deadline to submit nominations is February 28th.


Women’s History Month

Remarkable Woman Nomination Form

Woman being nominated:

Full Name: ___________________________________________

Organization: __________________________________________

                        Address: ______________________________________________

                        Phone: __________________ Email: _______________________

                                                            Recommending Individual:

                       Full Name: _____________________________________________

                       Phone: __________________ Email: _________________________


Please print a detailed description of contributions &

Please submit a photo of the woman you are nominating.

                        (Include dates if necessary. Attached additional sheet, if needed)