Press Release: Mayor thanks Council majority for approving FY 2022-2023 budget without playing petty election-year politics



October 27, 2022


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Mayor thanks Council majority for approving FY 2022-2023 budget without playing petty election-year politics

EAST PROVIDENCE, RI – Mayor Roberto DaSilva signed the FY 2022-2023 budget ordinance as approved by the City Council by a vote of 3-2 during the October 18, 2022 City Council meeting.

Councilmen Robert Britto, Bob Rodericks and Nate Cahoon voted to approve the budget. Ward 2 Councilwoman Anna Sousa and Ward 4 Councilman Ricardo Mourato voted against it.

“I am very pleased that the Council majority adopted all of my proposed budget,” Mayor Bob DaSilva said. “This budget continues to support our schools, public safety and necessary infrastructure improvements with a modest tax rate increase of 1.05 percent. I’m pleased to present a responsible budget that is well below the national rate of inflation of 8 percent.”

The Council’s amendments increased overall spending by $740,556 for a total of $212,609,094. for fiscal year 2022-2023.  The Mayor’s proposed spending plan was pegged at $211,868,538.

The Council did not cut any of the mayor’s proposals, but made additional increases and appropriations to the budget to include:

  • $225,000 for three parks positions
  • Increase to the long-vacant city clerk’s salary as well as funding for a city forester for the total amount of $115,556. The Council also increased the city’s Capital Improvement Budget by $400,000 for various projects.

In total, the final tax rate represents an increase of 0.38 percent above the mayor’s original proposal of 0.67 percent. 

“I am disappointed that two council members who proposed and voted for budget increases for the clerk’s salary and for a city forester would ultimately vote against a responsible and balanced budget,” Mayor DaSilva added.

During the entire budget hearing process, which began in August 2022, neither Councilman Mourato nor Councilwoman Sousa presented any budget alternatives or recommendations to the mayor’s budget.

“The Council majority worked hard over the course of the last several months to balance the needs of the city with the concerns of the taxpayers without playing petty election-year politics and for that I am grateful.”

The City’s new fiscal year begins November 1st, tax bills will be mailed in May 2023. Based on the approved tax levy, the increase to the single-family homeowner will be on average $46.42.