Service-Connected Disabled Veteran's Exemptions

How To Qualify: 

To qualify for the Service-Connected Disabled Veteran's Exemption the applicant has been evaluated and designated by the Veteran's Affairs to have a service-connected disability.   Along with the application below, please submit your VA benefits letter showing the disability rating you have been designated by the Veterans Affair. Your overall rating will establish what exemption below you will recieve. If you are applying for the Less Than 100% Service-Connected/Partially Disabled Veteran's exemption you must also provide proof that the property it is applied to is your legal primary residence, so please include a copy of your Photo ID also. 


100% Total Service-Connected Disabled Veterans

Amount off real estate assessment $24,380, (Amount off residential tax bill $359.85) 

Less than 100% Service-Connected/Partially Disabled Veteran- Effective with the 2023 tax roll- Applicable on Applicant's primary residence ONLY

Tier 1-    VA Disability Rating %  between   1%-30%   Valuation Reduction      $15,885  ($234.46 Tax Credit)
Tier 2-   VA Disability Rating %  between    31%-60%  Valuation Reduction      $19,550  ($288.56 Tax Credit)

Tier 3-    VA Disability Rating %  between    61%-99% Valuation Reduction      $23,220  ($342.73 Tax Credit)

These exemptions can not be combined with the Regular Veteran's/Widow Exemption

Deadline to Apply for the subsequent year tax bill is May 25th each year.