Rumford Rifle Range Remedial Action Cleanup Meeting


The Army National Guard Directorate (ARNG), Rhode Island Army National Guard (RIARNG), and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) are conducting a remedial action at the Rumford Rifle Range Munitions Response Site (MRS). The MRS is located in the town of Rumford, a subdivision of the City of East Providence in Providence County, Rhode Island. Portions of the 7.22-non-contiguous acre MRS lie within the city-owned Kimberly Ann Rock Memorial Athletic Complex, other city- and town-owned properties, and commercial and residential properties. The MRS is located in a mostly wooded area, adjacent to a large pond named Central Pond and several other small water bodies. The Ten Mile River Greenway runs north from the athletic complex and extends into Pawtucket, Rhode Island, outside the MRS boundary. Rumford Rifle Range opened in 1896 and was used by the Rhode Island Army National Guard and other U.S. Department of Defense organizations. The rifle range was leased from 1896 until 1922 when the state purchased the property. Due to safety concerns related to the encroaching residential properties, the range was closed in 1946. Numerous state rifle competitions were held at the range. Potential munitions used were small arms (.22, .30, .38, .45, and .50 caliber). The range consisted of 200-, 300-, 500-, 600-, 800-, and 1,000- yard target locations.

Recent Studies Conducted at Rumford Rifle Range MRS A site inspection was completed in 2012 during which range features and elevated munitions constituents concentrations were identified in a 183-acre range area. A Remedial Investigation was conducted in 2018 and lead-contaminated soils were identified within 19 separate non-contiguous areas that comprise a total of 7.22-acres. No munitions and explosives of concern or munitions debris were identified during the Remedial Investigation. In 2019, a feasibility study was prepared and presented the evaluation of three remedial alternatives. The public had the opportunity to comment on the proposed remedial alternative for Rumford Rifle Range Fan MRS (RIHQ002-R-03) (Alternative 1 – No Action) and Rumford Rifle Range MRS (RIHQ-002-R-01) (Alternative 3 – Munitions Constituents [MC] Soil Removal to Various Depths across 7.22 Non-Contiguous Acres with No Land Use Controls [LUCs]). The record of the decision documented that remedial action is necessary to reduce the risk associated with the MC to human health and the environment based on the current and intended future land use of the site. The record of the decision for the site was signed on January 16, 2020. This fact sheet provides a summary of the remedial design. The technical document on which this fact sheet was prepared is the Remedial Design/Remedial Action Uniform Federal Policy Quality Assurance Project Plan.

MRS Remedial Action Approach

During the Remedial Investigation, contamination was determined to be present due to metals (i.e., lead) in soil that presents a potential risk to human receptors who may come into direct contact with a contaminated surface or subsurface soil. The soil also contains leachable lead at a level that meets the definition of hazardous waste. The hazards include lead in soils above the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management standards that do not allow for unlimited use and unrestricted exposure. It is expected that land use for the MRS as open recreational with portions designated for commercial and residential will remain the same. After the alternatives were evaluated in a feasibility study, a remedy was selected and presented to the public in a Proposed Plan, and the final selected remedy was documented in a Record of Decision. It was determined by ARNG, RI ARNG, USACE, and other stakeholders that hazards associated with lead can be reduced through soil removal. The Remedial Action will be completed in two Phases as outlined in the following sections.