East Providence Police to host R.A.D. Women Basic Physical Defense Course

R.A.D. is a contemporary basic self-defense course for WOMEN ONLY.  Rape Aggression Defense Systems, Inc. and East Providence Police Officers trained in this program provide attendees with information, tactics and considerations, which can be useful in various types of abductive encounters perpetrated against women.  Even though your family, husbands, domestic and intimate partners want to protect you from harm and keep you safe, they are not able to be there every hour of every day.


The fact is, there is one person who will definitely be there in your time of need...that is YOU! 



The R.A.D. Women Basic Physical Defense Course is a series of six, 3 hour classes, given twice a week for three weeks.  Any questions, please contact one of our R.A.D. Women Instructors: Lt. Maari Stainer at (401) 435-7600 x20181, SRO Corporal Tammy David at (401) 433-6230 or Detective Matthew McNulty at (401) 435-7600 x20165. 


Spring 2022 - R.A.D. Class Schedule


Tuesday -  5/10/2022 (6pm-9pm)    Thursday -  5/12/2022  (6pm-9pm)


Tuesday -  5/17/2022  (6pm-9pm)   Thursday -  5/19/2022  (6pm-9pm)


Tuesday -  5/24/2022  (6pm-9pm)   Thursday -  5/26/2022  (6pm-9pm)


*(Classes held at Martin Middle School - 111 Brown St. East Providence)


Pre-registration is required either online https://eastprovidenceri.gov/RAD

or at the East Providence Police Department, 750 Waterman Ave.  A one-time, $20 fee is necessary to reserve a slot in this class (Fee waiver if needed).  Space is limited!  Grab a family member or friend and attend...YOU ARE WORTH IT!